The Presidential Election…

The result of these elections shows the character of the newly elected president.

Biden’s life is the story of a person who has had to overcome family tragedies. It is the story of a leader who never gives up. Political circumstances led him to lose two previous attempts to achieve the presidential candidacy. 

We are in the presence of a politician who has been the youngest elected senator in history, and who 45 years later, achieves the presidency with the oldest age that a president has had at the time of assuming office.

Joe Biden is a persistent, experienced warrior and qualified for the presidency of the Nation.

For Puerto Rico, his election represents the opportunity that we have never had to address the severe problem of inequality of our civil rights.

Try as Trump may; this time, he will not be able to prevail. The institution in the United States depends on respecting this electoral result. If the Supreme Court invalidates the electors’ will, the United States that we know will cease to exist, and that will not happen. In January, Joe Biden will be swearing in the presidency, and Donald Trump left the White House.

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